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Peter's Hidey Hole
Cause There Be Zombies.
Mun meme 
3rd-Aug-2010 03:12 am
peter: puppy
What's your name?: Michelle

Age?: Barely legal ^_^

Where do you live?: South Carolina, US of A 

Do you have a job?: I'm a waitress at the moment. I'm a TV producer too, but that's just a hobby.

How much RP experience do you have?: Just HVZ, and only with the Snatch. But I'm still a fic writer through and through and I haven't let go of my fic habits, which leads to a mindset of "must cut out all scenes that don't have beats or serve a purpose", which...makes me a terrible RPer sometimes lol.

What are your feelings about smut?: Smut is great! But I start feeling squicked if that's all I'm writing. I mean, I like those times where your characters are in the Newlywood stage and all they do is screw for five threads, but I can't spend an entire RP like that. A train needs to come through the street and break that up, fast. XD Emotions are better to write than sex, perfect relationships are boring.

Are there things you won't RP?: Any overtly kinky smut and I also don't participate in threads that don't drive anything forward (threads about breakfast, the weather, strolling around and random talking). An occasional SWS is one thing, but in the context of a verse, I can't play a whole game with Peter bouncing around and doing nothing but chatting to people. People may question my RP style for that, but truth be told, I just plain suck at it. I'm not good at small talk in real life, so I'm not gonna magically be good at it online. Some characters have chemistry with everyone and can always think of something to talk about, but I really fail at that, so I mostly avoid it. I only make/hop on threads when it's a conversation that needs to happen. And also, this is why I don't have a Twitter for Peter. 

What are your favorite things to RP?: Big fights and anything that draws out bucketloads of angst and emotion. Or bucketloads of good emotion. Or action scenes. Basically anything that gives the character something to DO, anything that creates suspense and momentum and tension. That's muse fuel.

What's something you wished would get RPed more?: Present tense. I write better in it.  But if you're writing in past, well, I have to adapt to it. I don't like our tenses to clash.

Are you plot driven?: Yes, I don't bother writing if there's no plot, so I'm plot driven in that aspect. But my favorite stuff to do is Peter's emotions. I don't like having him go through the motions of the plot like a drone, you know? I like having him react and recoil, all that good stuff. The best stuff, really.

Slow or fast tagger: Fast when I'm on a roll. Other times it can take me up to a day. I have a tendency to crash into my bed at random times of the day and vanish for four hours.

Who are your active characters? Just power_snatch . I can barely keep track of him, let alone anyone else.

Your favorite character to write?: In RP, Gypsy!VersePeter. I can really be free and not have to be so concerned about the writing, and just have him react like a 14 year old boy would! Plus the world building there is also fun.  In fic I  like writing Peter, Hesam, Tracy, Sylar, Angela...a few others :)

Contact information?: PM this LJ, or comment the opener post.
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